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Lifestyle Photography

As a lifestyle photographer I focus on on-location corporate and personal branding photography. I love capturing people in their business environment telling a story of their day-to-day activities.

In today’s digital age of almost everything happening online, it is so important to connect with customers on a personal level with corporate and personal branding photographs as customers want to see who they will be doing business with.

My main aim as a lifestyle corporate and personal branding photographer is to add value to your brand.

I am a Pretoria based lifestyle photographer, I am however willing to travel where needed.

The better your products look on your website, the more likely it will sell.

I offer product photography on-location as I like to tell a story and capture the product in context of how it is used. I can assist with studio photo shoots as well.

I customise my lifestyle photo shoots according to each client’s specific requirements.

I would love to discuss your photography requirements and ideas so together we can create those lifestyle photographs for you.