Why professional, up to date photos are so important for real estate properties and accommodation establishments

I am writing this blog based on the way I do things and I am sure many other people think the same way.


Firstly when it comes to real estate, whether it is properties for sale or to rent, this is how I go about it.

1.       I briefly skim the description of the property to see if this property suits my needs.

2.       I look through the photos.

3.       If a property advertised doesn’t have any photos, I hardly ever read the description of the property and definitely do not think that I might want to view the property.

4.       If the property advertised has photos but the photos are of poor quality and one cannot really get a feel for the property, I seldom think about viewing the property.

5.       If however the property has great photos and I like what I see, I might even view the property even if the property does not suit my needs 100%.


Thus in my case, the quality of photos is my main motivator for considering a property in the first place. This is why I believe so strongly in professional photos when it comes to selling or renting of properties.

Secondly, I apply much the same technique when looking for accommodation for holiday or business purposes.

1.       I read through the amenities and what the establishment has to offer.

2.       I look through the photos.

3.       In some cases I might even look at the photos first and based on what I see, I will either read about the establishment or not.

4.       If I do not like what I see and the feeling I get when looking at the photos, I might not consider booking this establishment even if it meets all my needs.

5.       My decision is thus based on what the establishment offers, but mostly on the way I feel when viewing the photos.


The worst for me is when you are happy with what you see and book your accommodation, but then when you arrive at the establishment it is nothing like you saw on the photos, and this has in fact happened to me.


Thus I feel very strongly that every accommodation establishment (big or small) should have good quality, up to date photos which truly reflect the property the way it currently is. 

In conclusion, when it comes to marketing your real estate property or accommodation establishment, the photos you show potential customers have a bigger impact than the words (description) you use.

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